Curcumin + Water

Supply your body with the water it deserves.

What is Fytality?

The right connection is vital.

Water – the basis for our existence. And the basis for a revolutionary way to provide our body with healthy substances in their purest form.

A way that enables the body to directly absorb the active ingredients and let them unfold their effect where it is needed: throughout the entire body.

Our concept

Superfood curcuma

Let us take a look at curcuma/turmeric. Its ingredient Curcumin is known for thousands of years for its beneficial effects. Since this natural substance is classified as hydrophobic, i.e. practically insoluble in water, the body has difficulties in absorbing it.

On top of that, Curcumin is not very stable. Its active component is metabolized very quickly by our liver, and therefore remains in the blood for just a short time. Consequently, only a small quantity is absorbed by the cells and a large amount is excreted via the digestive track.

Here is our solution for a direct and efficient absorption of curcumin:

Curcumin Water

Stomach soothing


Reduces risk for cardiac diseases

Diminished risk for brain illness

Stimulates the digestive process

Curcumin Water

A unique and patented process enables us to prepare Curcumin enabling it to directly connect with water. In this way the active ingredient can be absorbed by the body through the oral mucosa. It gets absorbed into the body and can unfold its effects just where it is needed.

Curcumin Water – a products as pure, pristine and direct as possible.



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